Character Groups with Descriptions and Alignments...Edit

"Normal Ghosts"/ Ascendent- Group of ghosts that want to come back to life by following the rules by attempting to kill their tormentor their first time around. 

"The Sinners"/Self Indulgent- The humans who do not care about being haunted or killed by a ghost and commit crimes indiscriminately. Theese inlcude "Lost Vegas" serial killers. They dont care about anyone or anything and seek pleasure by murdering and commiting crimes against others. 

"The Regretfull"/Humane-Humans who killed or hurt others unintentially and may not deserve the acts of their vengeful ghosts. 

"The Protectors"/Righteous- Organizations that help people repent for their sins in hopes of seeking forgivness from their ghosts. This protects the humans from possession and helps the ghost pass over to the other side. 

"The Backstabers"/Autonmous- The Humans who have pushed others aside or cheated them out of what was rightfully theirs in order to move ahead in life. 

"The Gracefull"/ Transcendent- The ghost who are only seeking an apology from their tormentors and do not have ambitions of murder or possession. 

"The Bullys"/Pragmatic-The bullys who take pleasure from disrespecting others and making them feel inferior. 

"The Defenders"/Orthodox-The police who are responsible for keeping the humans safe on haunting days. 

"The Monsters"/Ambitious- The group of ghost who are seeking vengence by any means possible they may kill their tomrmentors or they may just terrorize them. They may or may not follow the rules but seek pleasure in their power and the terror they can inflict on humans. 

Main Character Group and Alignment...Edit

Our main character group is our ambitious group of "monsters".  They are the ghosts who are the most interesting and unpredictible and 100% evil. They make for the most entertaining characters. 

Our main character group was created by Soapbox. 

Social Segments...Edit

Our Storyworld consists of Humans and Ghost. The ghosts are divided by what crime or wrongdoing was inflicted upon them in life and what they are haunting or killing over. 

The four social segments are...





Status Ladder...Edit

Our ghost are divided by the number of haunting days they have participated in. They are only allowed four years in order to kill their tormentor and come back to life and the ghost who are going out on their first haunting are considered superior. To go on multiple hauntings menas that you failed your first attempt and therefore your are considered lower on the status ladder. 

Top Tier- Freshmen Ghosts- 1st time haunters

2nd Tier-Sophmore Ghosts- 2nd time haunters

3rd Tier-Junior Ghosts- 3rd time haunters

Final Tier- Senior Ghosts- Final Attempt