Begining Definable Location and Broad Description...Edit

Our initial location is Las Vegas Blvd. and all of the hotels, casinos, bars, resturants and shops within it. 

Our Two numbers higher...Edit

We have now gone from the street of Las Vegas Blvd. up two places to include all of Las Vegas city proper. This allows for our high concept to be stretched and include not only vistors to the strip but also families  and people in outlying neighborhoods, schools and state parks. 

Broad Geographical Boundaries for Las Vegas...Edit

To The North- Floyd Lamb State Park 

To The South-Henderson Executive Airport 

To The East-Lake Mead

To The West- Highway 215

Our Four Locations Within the Previous Two Components...Edit

Neighborhood 1- Downtown

Streets-Las Vegas Blvd./Freemont Street/ Casino Way/ Flamingo Road

Neighborhood 2-Paradise 

Streets-Paradise Rd./Maryland Parkway/ Southeastern Avenue/ Spencer St. 

Neighborhood 3- North Las Vegas 

Streets-North 5th Street/ Civic Center Drive/ East Lake Mead Blvd./ Reverse St. 

Neighborhood 4-Sunrise

Streets- North Lamb Blvd. /North Walnut Road/Perimeter Road/East Owens Ave. 

5 Important Locations...Edit

All of the following locations are key settings in our West Coast stories.

Las Vegas High School

Surrender Night Club 

Palomino Strip Club

Mandrain Oriental Hotel 

Summerlan Neighborhood

Important Landmarks...Edit

Downtown Plaza- Where citizens of Las Vegas report following the announcment of the "hauntings" day this place is guarded by special police and is a safe haven for the people of "Lost Vegas". 

Floyd Lamb State Park- The northernmost point of "Lost Vegas" and where ghost enter our world on haunting day. 

Atomic Testing Museum- The research institute where ghost are studied and how to defend against them. It also holds the armory for the city. 

Luxor Hotel Pyramid- This is the headquarters for the ghost on haunting day. 

Stratosphere Needle- This is a safe haven for tourist on the strip. It is the tallest part of our Storyworld and a place where no ghost can climb to. 

Essential Services and Infrastructure...Edit

Leadership-Mayor- Carolyn Goodman/ Ward 1-6 Councilman/ City Council

Essentials-Electricity-Hoover Dam/ Food-imported from sourounding area/ Water- Lake Mead and Colorado River

Infrastructure-Highways-215,15,515/Hoover Dam/ McCarren Airport/ Henderson Executive Airport/ North Las Vegas Airport/ RTC Bus Services/ Southern Nevada Rail Service.

Population-600,000 plus 40 million annual tourist/ Race-mixed mostly white and hispanic/ Age- mixed/ Religion- mixed mostly Catholic. 

Protective Forces-Las Vegas Police Department and Special "Ghost Protocol" Divisoion.