Act 1 Edit

In the late 1970's and early 1980's Las Vegas is the wild but normal city that we think of. A place where people of all ages and lifestyles come to have fun, gamble, drink, party and be a little or a lot, sinfull. 

Monkey WrenchEdit

1982 the Michael Jackson song "Thriller" is released and is performed for the 1st time in Las Vegas. The songs lyrics are derived from an ancient Egyptian curse and when perfromed release the curse onto the unsuspecting people of Las Vegas. This curse allows for the ghost of people who were wronged in life to come back to Earth for one random day each year and wreak havoc or murder on their tormentors. If they succeed in killing them they come back as them in their bodies. 

Act 2/The "Haunting" WorldEdit

Las Vegas now renamed "Lost Vegas" following the now yearly "hauntings" day is overun each year with violence destruction and murder. All because of the unleashing of that evil curse 35 years ago. 

' 'Act 3/Resolution and Expanding the World Edit

It is now modern day and thanks to modern technology and decades of research the haunting days are now more managable. All of the citizens have become more aware of what is happening and are now more equipped to defend themselves. From self defense classes to special "Ghost Protocol" police forrces to research institutes. This rise in knowledge has allowed for the possession to happen less and less frequently. Thow to the chagrin of the ghost who now have assembled their own task force to combat human advancement.