Media Blurring

  • First Idea: A online newspaper website full of news articles and videos about the hauntings. We would bring in some actors and recreate a few stories (in video format) about the hauntings within this site dedicated to keep people updated on hauntings.

  • Second Idea: TED talk on how to protect yourself from the ghosts. Presentor will be a scientist from the Atomic Testing Museum Ghost Research Center who is attempting to find a way to get rid of the ghosts.

  • Third Idea: Video from the police (Ghost Protocol Division) on how to avoid ghosts. A lot like an emergency “what to do” video. This can be seen on Youtube and will play off of the meida popularity of videos teaching people how to defend against zombies.


  • Rod’s Lyric Journal-a published book of all of Rod’s alternative ideas for Thriller. With Michael Jackson’s markups and comments.With the obsession over everything Michael Jackson in the years following his passing a journal with his commentary and with alternatives lyrics to his, and the worlds, biggest selling album of all time, this journal is sure to fly off the shelves. (By ghost or human hands)


  • Ghost self-defense class: where you learn how to defend yourself against a ghost attack or any attack for that matter! It allows for fans to recieve an interactive lesson in self defense while still being consumed in our storyworld. The officials teaching the class will be from the "Ghost Protocol" division of our Las Vegas Police Department and will remain in character during the class.