High Concept...Edit

Ironic Action: In Lost Vegas people who die do not always stay dead

How our High Conept is Attached to Our Storyworld...Edit

Act of God: One great and catastrophic event now allows for the dead who were wronged in life to come back and haunt or kill thoose who wronged them. 

Unfamiliarity and Why People Want to Explore... Edit

It is Real World unfamiliarity with a fantasy twist. While Las Vegas is a real place, our switch to "Lost Vegas" where ghosts come back to haunt you, is a fantasy element to increase the interest in a well known city. 

People want to explore our storyworld becasue Las Vegas is a place where everyone comes to sin and where they think that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" but what if your actions werent kept secret and what if the people you wronged could now kill you. 

Non- Profit Partners...Edit

Organizations against Bullying, drunk driving, domestic abuse, and suicude prevention. 

Special Sauce...Edit

In other stories people see ghost or can become haunted by ghosts or can even become possessed by demons. However,  no other story out there allows for the ghost of people who have been wronged to kill you and then come back to life as you in your body. 

Room for History/ Size of Our Timeline...Edit

Our high concpt storyworld begins in 1982 when the song "Thriller" is first performed by Michael Jackson in Las Vegas and unleashes the ancient Egyptian curse. This curse allows the ghost of thoose who have been wronged to re-emerge onto Earth, for one random night each year, and to seek their revenge. 


Flora: cacti,succulents,Joshua trees, tumbleweeds, scrub brush

Fauna:Coyotes, Jackrabbits, Tarantualas,Rattlesnakes and the Desert Tortoise

Conlang:English with subsets of Spanish and Creole French