The Curse of Osiris Edit


It is 1981 and Rod Temperton is writing the lyrics for what will become Michael Jacksons Thriller. He is seeking inspiration and decides to travel to Eqypt. When he is in Eqypt he sees multiple hierglyphics on the pyramid walls and ask his guide to translate them. He is warned that theese words are a curse and that he should never repeat them but decides to use the words anyway. Ever since Thriller is first performed in Vegas in 1982 (and the curse unleashed) Rod has been tormennted by a dark presence he cant explain. He spirals deaper into psychosis and friends and family become increasingly concerned over him. The Anubis ultimately kills him in 2016 after he suffered from a "brief battle with cancer" or so everyone else thought. 


Historical Thriller


Rod Temperton- Lyricist for the Thriller album


Anubis- the Egyptain guardian of the dead. The one who torments and kills Rod. 

Supporting CharactersEdit

Michael Jackson- Rod's friend and employer who he is writing Thriller with. He is concerned as to his friends strange behaviour following his trip to Egypt. 

Ahmed- The Egyptologist who guides Rod around Egypt, translates the hierglyphs and warns Rod that he should not repeat the words as they are a curse. 

Osiris- The Egyptian god of the dead who designed the curse so that the wronged could come back and enact their vengence. 

Primary LocationsEdit

Khufu Pyramid in Giza, Egypt- The location that Rod tours and where the curse is written on the walls. 

Sunset Barrington Garden Apartments- Apartment 32b in Brentwood,Ca- This is where Rod has been living for 35 years and where Anubis ultimately kills him. 

Westlake Recording Studio on Santa Monica Blvd.- The studio where Thriller is being recorded and where Rod and Michael are writing lyrics also where Michael is becoming increasingly concerned about Rod. 

Additive ComprehensionEdit

The fans learn where the curse came from and who was responsible for unleashing it onto the storyworld of "Lost Vegas". It is the begining of our Storyworld and the catalyst that sets it off. 

Target Market and Media HabitsEdit

15-30 year old men- Internet/Video Games/ Streaming/Espn/ Action Movies/Comics/Snapchat 

Medium and Why it WorksEdit

Comic Book- Becuase it is alternative fantasy history that works well in an exagerated and animated format.

Platform and Why it WorksEdit

Tangible paper comic book- Because boys like to collect comics and display them and are less likely to read something via a downloadble fromat on an E-reader.