The Passion of Annabelle and Stefano Edit

Synopsis Edit

Annabelle is fed up with her abusive and jealous husband Gary so she goes on and meets her true love Stefano. Stefano and Annabelle agree to meet up at the Mandrain Oriental in Las Vegas (Annabelles home town). But Gary soon realizes Annabelle is cheating on him and goes to the hotel room to confront Annabelle. In a fit of rage Gary kills Stefano and Annabelle is crushed she has lost her Italian lover. But has she? On the next haunting night Stefano, who is still madly in love with Annabelle, comes back as a ghost and kills Gary. Stefano then comes back in Gary's body and he and Annabelle get to live happily ever after. 

Genre Edit


Protagaonist Edit

Annabelle- The human who falls in love with Stefano and who hates her jealous and controlling husband Gary.

Stefano- Annabelle's Italian lover who travels to America to be with her but is killed by Gary. 

Antagonist- Edit

Gary- Anabelle's jealous and controlling husband who kills Stefano in a fit of rage and then who is ultimitley killed by Stefano's ghost and whose body is taken over by him.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Hilda- Annabelle's best friend who warns her not to become involved with Stefano as she fear Gary's reaction.

Larry-Gary's best friend and fellow plummer who is working at the Mandrain Oriental and sees Annabelle and Stefano heading to a room together and then notifies Gary of it. 

Key Locations Edit

The Summerlan neighborhood where Gary and Annabelle live and where Stefano kills Gary. 

The Mandrain Oriental Hotel- Where Stefano and Annabelle meet up for the first time and where Gary sees Annabelle's betrayl and kills Stefano. 

Additive ComprehensionEdit

We learn that when a ghost kills someone they get to come back as them, which was unknown by the aduience up until this point. We also see what happened to Annabelle and Gary after their son Ned kills himself (from West Coast 4).

Target Market and Media Habits-Edit

30-50 year old women- Media Habits- Facebook/Pintrest/Reading/Cable TV/Magazines

Medium and Why We Choose It-Edit

Romance Novel- because the story reads like a harlequin novel and that is a popular medium and genre for women of this demographic. 

Platform and Why We Chose It-Edit

Paper book and E-reader- because both will be used by women of this target demographic and we want to sell as many copies as possible.