Die, Stripper DieEdit


You play Sergeant Sullivan a member of the Las Vegas Police Departments Ghost Protcol Divison. Your task, which you must except, is to move through the ten levels of the game and kill all the ghostly strippers without letting them seek their vengence on  any humans in the process. You have 24 hours to kill them all and most importantly kill Bambi!

Genre Edit

1st Person Shooter

Protagonist Edit

Sergeant Sullivan- The character you play and a Sergeant on the Las Vegas Police Departments "Ghost Protcol Division".


Bambi the Madam- The head stripper who commands all the other ones. The hardest to kill and the final mission of the game. 

Supporting CharactersEdit

Betty- The police disbatcher who appears on screen and tells your mission and where to go.

Captain Leroy- The Las Vegas Police Department Captain who comes on screen to yell at you when you miss a shot or mess up a level.

Glinda The Good Stripper- Who helps you unlock secrets and gives you tips in the game 

Key LocationsEdit

Palomino Strip Club- This is the 1st level in the game and a legendary strip club in vegas. Overrum with strippers from multiple generations. 

Las Vegas Police Department- Where you can go in the game to do more research on killing techniques, gear up or take a break.

The Hooters Hotel- The final level location. The hotel is overun with thousands of ghoulish strippers. This is also the level where Bambi is the final and most difficult kill. 

Additive ComprehensionEdit

In the game you learn what methods are nessisary to kill a ghost. That Strippers are the largest ghost enity to reapear on haunting night. And also that there is a special task force instituted by the city to stop ghost attacks. 

Target Market and Media Habits Edit

15-30 year old boys/Media Habits- Internet/Video Games/ Action Movies/ ESPN/Comics/Streaming and Snapchat

Medium and Why We Chose ItEdit

1st Person Shooter Video Game-Becuase video games are a key media habit of our target markert and a 1st person shooter is not only popular but also fits the theme of our game as you are playing a cop.

Platform and Why We Chose ItEdit

Xbox and Playstation Console Game- Because thoose are the two most popular systems for video games and will sell the easiest.