The Final Football GameEdit


Ned was a nerd at Las Vegas High School so badly bullied that he committed sucide. But now he is a ghost and it is haunting night. Ned comes back as a ghost and seeks his venegnce by tormenting his football team bullies and killing his arch enemy CJ the quarterback right before he is to star in the championship game. After Ned kills CJ he comes back as him which means he now gets to live his privlidged life and date Stacy CJ's girlfriend and his longtime crush. 


Horror Thriller


Ned the nerd and the one bullied to death by CJ.


CJ the high school quarterback and Neds tormentor. 

Supporting CharactersEdit

Stacy- Ned's longtime crush and CJ's girlfriend, for now

Mike, Brad and Todd- The other football players who helped CJ torement Ned and who are ultimately tortured by Ned.

Gary- Ned's emotionally abusive and uncaring father who added to his sucide. 

Key Locations Edit

Las Vegas High School- Where Ned is bullied and where he torures Brad, Mike and Todd and kills CJ.

Summerlan Neighborhood- Where Ned lives with his parents Annabelle and Gary. 

Additive ComprehenstionEdit

We learn that ghost can also be that of teenagers. The fans also see that Ned is Gary and Anabelles child (From West Coast 2) and that his death is what drove them apart and Annabelle into the arms of another man. 

Target Market and Media HabitsEdit

15- 30 year old boys- Media habits- Internet/ Video Games/Snapchat/ Comics/ Espn/ Action Movies/ Streaming

Medium and Why We Chose It Edit

Animated Movie- Becuase guys of this age like sarcastic and gory animations and are also of the age where they are in High School or still vividly remembering of it. 

Platform and Why We Choose ItEdit

Netflix- Because our target market is most likely to be streamers and this is the most popular platfrom.