The Final HauntingEdit

Synopsis Edit

Brynn,Adelaide and Sasha three best friends who all died 3 years ago when they were hit by a drunk driver. Ever since then they have come back on haunting night to protect their friends and family from other ghost who may cause them harm. The problem is that the drunk driver and their killer, Tony also died in the accident and is now a ghost. Tony is fed up with the girls "perfect" ways and decides that this year ( the final year all of them have to go on a haunting) he will kill all of the loved ones they have been trying so desperately to save. Will Tony and his minions kill the girls families or can pure love conquor all. The girls ultimitley do kill Tony and all his minions and can cross over to the other side knowing their families and friends are safe. 


Heroine Action

Protagonist Edit

The Charlies Angels of the Ghost World

Sasha-The fearless leader, the strength and order of the girls 

Brynn- Tough, brave, strongwilled and a bit reckless

Adelaide- The compasionate and caring one who is also an emotional wreck and a hazard to the others well being. 


Tony- the drunk driver who killed the girls and the one fed up with their good ways. The one who seeks to kill their friends and families. 

Supporting Characters-Edit

Tony's minions who are trying to kill the girls loved ones. 

The Girls friends and families who are oblivious to the fact that the girls are defending them until the very end when the girls must say their final goodbye.

Key LocationsEdit

Paradise Neighborhood- Where all of the girls friends and families live

Surrender Nightclub- Tonys liar where he plots and schemes and where he has the final fight out with the girls. 

Additive ComprehensionEdit

We learn that ghosts can kill other ghosts. We also see that Adelaide is the way she is becuase she was also Rod's (from West Coast 1) grandaughter who never understood why her grandfather acted so weird. That is until she bacame a ghost and saw the Anubis spirit following her grandfather around. Shes has become a paranoid mess becuse she feels guilty that she wasnt able to save him from being killed. 

Target Market and Media Habits- Edit

13-30 year old women- Media Habits- Snapchat, Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube 

Medium and Why We Chose itEdit

Feature Film- Because it attracts women in this target market who love to see a movie that not only stars a women but is powered by the strength and conviction of one. 

Platform and Why We Chose it Edit

Theatrical Release- Because women are more likly then men to go to the theater and there is a lacking of female driven films.