A Ghost's Fury Edit


This concept album follows a ghost namned Felix who was killed by a robber in the parking structure of the Treasure Island Hotel. Felix had just taken his superior intelect at gambling and card counting and used it win big at the Blackjack tables. An unamned onlooker watches him win big and then robs him while Felix is walking to his car. The robber gets Felix's $25,000 in cash but when Felix tries to flee the robber shoots him dead. Felix is then sent to ghost purgatory and awaits the day when he can kill and possess his robber. The album follows him from his human life/death/ his time in purgatory through his time on the haunting day where plans his revenge and ultimately kills and possess his robber and through to what it is like to become him. 


Heavy Metal Album


Felix- The one who is robbed and killed and ultimately comes back as a ghost to kill and possess is murder. 

Antaganist Edit

The Murder- the man who robs and shoots Felix and who Felix ultimately haunts,kills and possess. 

Supporting Characters-Edit

The other ghost Felix meets in ghost purgatory.

The casino dealer he wins his money from.

The other ghost Felix meets that have also just possessed someone.  

Primary Locations Edit

Ghost Purgatory-Where Felix goes after he dies and awaits the haunting day. 

Floyd Lamb Park- Where Felix re-emerges onto Earth on haunting day. 

Treasure Island- Where Felix wins his money and is robbed and murdered

The Atomic Testing Museum- Where Felix secretly studies the humans in their attempts to learn how to kill ghost and learns how he must reverse deffend himself against his murderer. 

Additive ComprehensionEdit

The fans now get to hear wthin the psyche of a ghost and what it feels like to be wronged and murdered, to go to ghost purgatory, to get to reemerge onto earth and what it feels like to finally get your revenge and possess your tormentor. 

Target Market and Media Habits Edit

15-30 year old guys. Media Habits- Snapchat, internet, Espn, Action Movies, Streaming, Comics, Video Games 

Medium and Why we Chose itEdit

Concept album: Because heavy metal is more geared towards young men who are our target market. This medium also allows us to express gratutitious violence and rage upon the listener. Which is a theme in both our story and in heavy metal. 

Platform and Why We Chose It Edit

Tangible CD and digital download. Because boys of this age range are more likely to download and fans of heavy metal are more likely to buy a CD so we want to appeal to both demographics.